​Fulcrum is an LGBTQ support group that offers a safe space in which individuals from all backgrounds and orientations can share their own LGBTQ-related struggles & triumphs. We are peer-facilitated, and discussion surrounds a selected topic that is broad and can relate to all. Our intention is to create stimulating discussion and provide a medium by which people can learn from the perspectives and experiences of others. Wherever you are along the continuum of the coming out process, Fulcrum is here to support you. However, let it be known, this is not group therapy.


Meeting format:

• Welcome & Meeting Rules

• Introductions

• Resources & Announcements

• Group Discussion: timing split between topic discussion and open dialogue.

(topic examples: coming out, transitions, LGBT pride, spirituality, acceptance, stereotyping, etc)

• Round Table 

We are eager to incorporate your topic suggestions in effort to ensure that conversation surrounds subject matter that is meaningful to you.


Overall, our greatest hope is that you will leave group with a stimulated mind, a growing self-confidence, and a sense of community.  


Group meets on the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 6pm-8pm.  While we used to meet in person at the Phillip Rush Center, we since transitioned to a mixture of online and outdoor spaces (i.e. parks) to promote social distancing.  This is in effect until further notice.  Please see the calendar with details for where each meeting will take place or monitor the GroupMe chat for updates if you are already a member.  If no location or login information is posted or available to you, please contact Hannah at 404-394-9094 or fulcrum.lgbtq@gmail.com!


You may join at any point.  Group runs throughout the year and often even on holidays.


We hope to see you!